Definition of hookup

Definition of hookup

He was promoted in the daft. She made her first stage appearance at the Albert Music Hall, Canning Town, and later became famous for her cockney character songs. These songs established her at the top of the bill and she was described as ‘The Cockney Queen’. April in Paris – Aris from Aristotle – bottle which is from bottle and glass – arse. Arse I gave him a good kick up the bottle. Arse Stick it up your khyber. See the reference above to Aristotle. Me ‘ammer and tack’s playing me up again.

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One might think bootylicious was invented for the Destiny’s Child song “Bootylicious” as in “my body is too bootylicious for you The OED helpfully provides some quotes which predate The song was merely exploiting a trend. In terms of a major “official” dictionary, the word probably won’t be included in a future volume UNLESS usage hits a critical level. There are several ways to hit critical mass.

Oxford Train Station is located on Park End Street next to the Said Business School and is operated by First Great Western. Visit the Oxford Station Facilities page on the National Rail Enquiries website to see details of facilities and passenger services offered at the station.

Queensland University of Technology PhysOrg. Dr Stephen Hughes said he had discovered last year that the dictionary’s definition of the word siphon, and most other dictionaries’, was incorrect. A siphon is a tube commonly used to empty containers of liquid that are otherwise difficult or impossible to empty, such as fish tanks or petrol tanks.

Dr Hughes said the Oxford English Dictionary OED since had incorrectly stated that atmospheric pressure was the operating force in a siphon when in fact it was gravity. Now the illustrious Oxford English Dictionary’s editors are moving to have the definition corrected, after receiving an email from Dr Hughes. He said that according to the dictionary’s website, the OED’s revision team was up to the letter R.

The senior lecturer with QUT’s Physics Department discovered the error after viewing an enormous siphon in South Australia, which was transferring the equivalent of Olympic swimming pools from the Murray River system into depleted Lake Bonney. Dr Hughes said the siphon had transferred 10Gl of water over two months without a pump, using energy equivalent to running an average house for more than a year.

Video of Lake Bonney siphon “The energy came from gravity because the water flowed to a lower level than the rise over the lake’s embankment,” Dr Hughes said. On his return to Brisbane, he decided to write an article about the siphon for use by science teachers but discovered that every dictionary he consulted contained the same misconception that atmospheric pressure, not gravity, pushed liquid through the tube of a siphon.

The Oxford English Dictionary currently defines a siphon as: Dr Hughes said some encyclopaedias also contained the same misconception as the dictionaries although Encyclopaedia Britannica had the correct definition. We are revising that entire dictionary text now, and I have copied your helpful comments to the revision file, to ensure they are taken into account when the entry is rewritten.

Sarah Palin’s ‘refudiate’ wins Oxford dictionary’s Word of the Year

Ballpoint needles are designed to penetrate knit fabrics without nicking or damaging the fabric. Bar tack A group of closely sewn stitchs back and forth from side to side a la zig zag that is used to tack a belt loop or similar item in place. This is not a basting stitch and should be repeated several times on the machine to make a very short run of satin stitching.

It is also used at the end of a buttonhole for reinforcement. Sometimes used in the point of a V to reinforce.

Definition of hook-up_2 phrasal verb in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.

It includes words and meanings that have originated in Australia, or that have a greater currency or special significance here than elsewhere. While the first edition of the dictionary, published in , contained about 10, headwords, compounds, idioms, and derivatives, this second edition contains over 16, The Australian National Dictionary is the only comprehensive, historically based record of the words and meanings that make up Australian English.

It is a unique lexical map of Australian history and culture. It includes words and meanings that have originated in Australia, that have a greater currency here than elsewhere, or that have a special significance in Australian history. All entries from the first edition, which was published in , have been thoroughly revised and updated. There are more than 16, Australian terms. It differs from general dictionaries in being based on historical principles, like the comprehensive Oxford English Dictionary.

This means it describes the full history of a word, starting with its earliest appearance, establishing its origin, and documenting its use over time. There is detailed information on the origins of these Australian words, including comprehensive coverage of more than words that have been borrowed from Aboriginal languages. Quotations from books, newspapers, diaries, etc. More than , quotations illustrate the entries.

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A sterotypical “no strings attached” kind of thing. A list of slang. Hook up urban dictionary However, many variables determine whether a divorced couple will reconcile. Last edited on Nov 03 Other terms relating dictionarj ‘ to deal drugs, drug dealer ‘:

The Guinness Book of World Records calls flocci­nauci­nihili­pilification the longest real word in the Oxford English Dictionary, and refers to pneumono­ultra­micro­scopic­silico­volcano­koniosis as the longest made-up .

Advanced English Dictionary is an app containing a complete English dictionary that you can read and search from the comfort of your computer. It is designed to offer everything that a user could hope for from an English dictionary. Does Advanced English Dictionary cost anything to use? Advanced English Dictionary is completely free to download and install, and comes with no fees or hidden costs. Simply download the file, install it, and you will be ready to go.

What platforms are Advanced English Dictionary available for? The app is available for Windows 10 and Android.

OED – Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition (CD-ROM, Version 4.0)

Please select the editions you would like to sign up to Morning Please select at least one edition Select Thank you for signing up Sorry, it looks like an error occured Please refresh the page and try again. Europe New Oxford English Dictionary entries draws from online culture Mansplaining, ransomware and snowflake along with more than one hundred parenting terms have been entered into the Oxford English Dictionary OED.

Updated Updated 6 days ago Mansplaining, ransomware and snowflake along with more than one hundred parenting terms have been entered into the Oxford English Dictionary OED. The list of more than additions also includes the term ‘me time’ – when an individual devotes time to doing what they want in order to relax – and hangry – used when someone is “bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger”. To qualify for the list the OED requires several independent examples of a word being used and evidence that it has been in use “for a reasonable amount of time”.

Researchers often consult experts in a particular field when deciding if a new coinage should be included in the renowned guide of more than , words, senses and compounds.

1. verb To connect two things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “hook” and “up.” We can hook up your car to my truck to try to jumpstart it. 2. verb To set up an electronic device or system. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “hook” and “up.” Can you hook up my.

Do you remember — when you were a child — learning then gleefully reciting what you thought was the longest word in the English language? There are longer ones However, there is no easy answer that we can give when our visitors ask us for the longest word in the English language. Most very long words only occur in one or two dictionaries, and often they are debatably not words at all. And who says you can’t put NON— for example on the beginning to make it even longer?

This problem is even more evident in chemical names. Most chemicals are named using a systematic naming system which methodically describes the molecule’s structure. Some molecules, such as proteins, are huge, so it is possible to come up with genuine words containing millions of letters. But of course no chemist uses these really long names in practice. Here we look at some of the longest words in English dictionaries, and discuss whether they should be considered to be real words.

Interesting long chemical terms and place names are listed separately afterwards. The red numbers indicate the length number of letters of the word that follows. This is the longest word in any English dictionary. However, it was coined by Everett Smith, the President of The National Puzzlers’ League, in purely for the purpose of inventing a new “longest word”.

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The Oxford English Dictionary by Renee Brown When Beowulf, the greatest and oldest single work of Old English, was composed, there was no dictionary; when Chaucer wrote the legendary Canterbury Tales, there was no dictionary, when the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, produced his graceful poems and plays, there was no dictionary. One hundred and fifty years later, Dr. Samuel Johnson published his Dictionary.

This respectable publication documented 40, words and provided , quotations. The project took him nine years to complete single handedly McCrum It was not until one hundred years later that a project was begun which would far outperform the work of Johnson.

What Is Stress? Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. When people feel stressed by something going on around them, their bodies react by releasing chemicals into the blood.

Brutus struck a dagger into the dying Caesar. Lightning struck the spire. May God strike you dead! The ship struck a rock. A shrill peal of bells struck their ears. A happy thought struck him. How does it strike you? Illness struck him off from social contacts. The butcher struck off a chop. The plague struck Europe. Apoplexy struck him down. The horse struck a gallop.

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Compatible with Mac computers which has not been available since version 1. The Oxford English Dictionary is the internationally recognized authority on the English Language, defining more than , words and tracing their usage through 2. Most importantly, OED v4. Questions which might have taken years of patient research can now be answered in seconds.

Oxford Street businessman and founder of Curlew Camp for artists. Soap and candle maker who set up shop in Gloucester Street, The Rocks. He then owned a soap factory on the same street and his own residence, Cardistown House. He also rented his terrace houses in nearby Caraher’s Lane to fellow Irish immigrants. Hook, Charles.

They are calling on publisher Oxford University Press to reverse its decision and, if necessary, to bring forward publication of a new edition of the dictionary to do so. The likes of almond, blackberry and crocus first made way for analogue, block graph and celebrity in the Oxford Junior Dictionary in , with protests at the time around the loss of a host of religious words such as bishop, saint and sin.

However it is worrying that in contrast to those taken out, many are associated with the interior, solitary childhoods of today. The research evidence showing the links between natural play and wellbeing; and between disconnection from nature and social ills, is mounting. The campaign has been pulled together by Laurence Rose, who works for the RSPB and who provided a list of words taken out, including hamster, heron, herring, kingfisher, lark, leopard, lobster, magpie, minnow, mussel, newt, otter, ox, oyster and panther.

The Oxford Dictionaries have a rightful authority and a leading place in cultural life.

Twerk dates back to 1820, says Oxford English Dictionary

Crime statistics crime n. There is some sentiment for excluding from the “crime” category crimes without victims, such as consensual acts, or violations in which only the perpetrator is hurt or involved such as personal use of illegal drugs. Crescente malitia crescere debet et poena.

Stan Lyrics: My tea’s gone cold / I’m wondering why I got out of bed at all / The morning rain clouds up my window / And I can’t see at all / And even if I could it’d all be gray / But your.

It’s tricky to answer you properly as this one isn’t in our dictionaries yet, but something to bear in mind is that although standard spelling in English is fixed, the use of hyphenation is not. Hopefully the following will be of help! There is no set rule saying whether, for example, airstream, air stream, or air-stream is correct. All forms are found in use: However, there is a broad tendency to avoid hyphenation for noun compounds in modern English except when used to show grammatical function , so there is, for example, a preference in both British and American English for airstream rather than air-stream and for air raid rather than air-raid.

There is an additional preference in US English for the form to be one word and in British English for the form to be two words, e. The form we give for a headword in the dictionary is usually the most commonly found one, according to our evidence. This does not, however, imply that other forms are incorrect or not used. That is a very long answer! The short answer is that if you are using British English, you would probably use medium weight, and if you are using US English you would probably use mediumweight.

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Boxing a short swinging blow delivered from the side with the elbow bent 5. Cricket a shot in which the ball is hit square on the leg side with the bat held horizontally 6. Golf a shot that causes the ball to swerve sharply from right to left 7. Surfing the top of a breaking wave 8. Ice hockey the act of hooking an opposing player 9.

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