Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins

Byzantine Coins Some nicer Roman coin examples at budget prices: Constantine II, AD. Glossy black patina, traces of silvering. Gorgeous bronze coin, Antioch mint, struck AD. Beautiful detail, reddish earthen deposits. R over hooked R in right field. Large bronze As, struck c. Bronze follis, Antioch mint, struck AD. Rome mint, struck AD. Dark patina with silvering evident on surfaces.

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The four types of yen bills in Japan Japanese Currency: In the beginning, the Bank of Japan issued a couple different types of bills, ranging from 10 sen to sen. Because of rampant inflation, none of those bills are still in circulation. In , the yen and 10, yen bills were introduced.

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Home May 25, Fake vs. Why do Contemporary Fakes Sell More? For the new collectors, it seems odd that sometimes fakes are more expensive than the original. Well, I myself collect fake coins and banknote and I consider these materials as pieces of history. Recently, I have added to my collection several Five Pesos that were counterfeited by a Taiwanese syndicate.

I have catalogued several specimen and found out that other than the known date, there were also other samples accounted for dating , , , and What is the reason behind this activity is still a mystery up to this date since the cost of counterfeiting this coin is more expensive than the original coin itself. Fake One Peso Macapagal-Castillo signed For me the interesting side of this story is the stupidity of the crime.

If an organized syndicate could counterfeit such denomination then why not the highest. It is very hard to believe that even an operation of such scale was idiotic. Fake Twenty Pesos Macapagal-Castillo signed In my opinion, counterfeiting is an art and an act of resourcefulness before digital printing and imaging was born.

Archaeologists Puzzled To Find Ancient Roman Coins At Ruins Of Japanese Castle

The scientist wants to revisit the location where five coins were found in the Northern Territory in that have proven to be years old, opening up the possibility that seafarers from distant countries might have landed in Australia much earlier than what is currently believed. Australian soldier Maurie Isenberg was stationed on one of the islands to man a radar station and spent his spare time fishing on the idyllic beaches.

While sitting in the sand with his fishing-rod, he discovered a handful of coins in the sand. The coins proved to be years old. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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Japanese Currency: The four types of yen bills in Japan

I have over 30 years experience with Chinese coins and buy only from reliable suppliers in the United States. Unlike the earlier Pan Liang coins it had a raised rim to prevent filing. The coin proved quite popular, and continued to be issued in various versions for the next six centuries! The dynasty united China for the first time after four centuries of division and strife.

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David DeMar Posted date: October 04, in: Unesco World Heritage Site Katsuren Castle, located on the island of Okinawa, is thought to have been occupied from the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries. Yet new excavations at the castle ruins have yielded a cache of ancient currency. According to an article appearing on the CNN website, researchers found a collection of coins from the Ottoman Empire dated to ; among those coins were several bronze and copper coins from the Roman era, initially dated to anywhere between CE and CE.

At first, experts called in to evaluate the new discovery were convinced the coins had been placed there deliberately as some sort of a hoax. However, after careful study, it was revealed that instead the find marks the discovery of new evidence of globalization at a time when international trade was thought to have been limited, especially in the Far East. These coins are the first of their kind to ever have been discovered within Japan.

In fact, researchers are completely stumped when it comes to how the currency might have arrived at Katsuren Castle, considering that the region would have used Chinese coins for doing business at that time in history.

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Japan 1668 1 Mon Kanei Tsuho Square Hole Copper Cash Coin with Bun Mint Mark for Edo (Tokyo)

Identify your coin and find out what it is worth. There are coins on this web site. Do you have an old coin and wonder what it is worth? Then select the picture to get a full description of your coin, including its catalog value. To try it out, click one of the coin pictures below. Multiply that by the current spot price of gold you can find that number at kitco.

The birds and – more importantly – the rising sun were ditched from the reverse face, with Junk Dollars dating from and having the plainer and less politically controversial design. Mintages for the (year 22) and (year 23) coins were vastly expanded compared to the ‘birds over’ design, with mintages of.

The 10 copper coins were unearthed in December at the 12th th century Katsuren Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, during an annual excavation for study and tourism promotion by the board of education in Uruma, a city in central Okinawa. While the find has yet to be submitted for publication in an academic journal, an outside expert is convinced that the coins are real. The discovery, announced last month, is baffling. How did the coins, some dating to the third or fourth century, wind up half a world away in a medieval castle on Okinawa, the island that was not part of Japan then.

Experts suspect they may have arrived centuries later via China or Southeast Asia, not as currency but as decoration or treasure. While the find has yet to be submitted for publication in an academic journal, an outside expert is convinced the coins are real.

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